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AudioAcrobat makes it easy to get started as an Affiliate by providing banners and buttons optimized with your Affiliate URL!
Simply copy-and-paste to your Landing Page and you're ready!
Create your own graphics to creatively promote AudioAcrobat!  Embed your Affiliate URL within!
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AudioAcrobat Affiliates

AudioAcrobat wants to pay you real money to tell others about your experiences with the service!  Thousands of U.S. dollars ($) have already been paid to members all across the world!

  • 33% commission on each referral!
    • Earn 33% commission on the base service rate for each referral, every month their account remains active!  These are direct referrals you send to your Affiliate URL on AudioAcrobat.
  • Refer JUST 3 friends!
    • Refer just 3 friends that continue on as active members after the 30-Day Free Trial to qualify for FREE service!
  • Use commissions to pay for service!
    • Every member has the option of using their commissions to pay for their monthly service -- or cashing out via PayPal anytime their balance exceeds $20 -- the choice is up to you!
  • Passive income is within reach!
    • Use AudioAcrobat in your emails so that those who click on your Affiliate URL or Affiliate Player will be added as your referral -- when they sign up, you get full credit -- earn $ while you sleep!
  • Your own Affiliate URL!
    • Each AudioAcrobat member gets a unique Affiliate URL (http://myusername.audioacrobat.com) which is used to track their referrals!  Share socially on the Web or in an email.  Embed your URL into images -- watch referrals sign up right away!
  • Cool Affiliate players!
    • AudioAcrobat provides members with Affiliate Players which, when clicked, send referrals directly to their Affiliate URL!  Once clicked, cookies will track the referral and when they sign up, the referring member receives full credit, every month!


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